Movement Solutions (Better Coaching, Better Results)

Movement Solutions (Better Coaching, Better Results)

As trainers we often agonise about what we know. From programme design to nutrition, exercise execution to client adherence, we spend time effort and money investing in our development as trainers with one goal in mind, better client results.

However, there is a huge part of the “success formula” that 99% of the industry is neglecting, the coaching process.

It’s time to stop focusing solely on the content of our information, and start to look at how it’s delivered.

Have you ever struggled to teach a client how to perform an exercise no matter what you say or do?

What if you were able to deliver the perfect coaching cue to the client in order to invoke that “light bulb moment”?

How much more progress could your clients make if you were able to design custom built drills to help them learn and perfect new movements.

No more having to follow other coaches, no more guessing and banging your head against a brick wall. In LTB’s movement solution course we will dive into the science and application of coaching.

Better coaching, better results

23 videos 4-32 mins long, total course length approx 5 hours (videos only, allow extra time for learning, note taking and application).