Example Meal Plans

Meal plans have many uses and a lot of clients can find them helpful in showing how they can distribute their calorie allowance.

These example plans are available for you to download and use with your clients. As with any meal plan (unless you're a registered dietitian) they are not intended to be prescriptive but merely illustrative of how calories could be allocated.

We've provided 3 example days for each calorie grouping and would recommend you only share the ones relevant to the client in front of you rather than sending them all over to everybody (there's nothing worse than seeing what a 2800-3200 client gets when you're in the 600-900 category). Of course, there may be times when a couple of categories are applicable e.g. you may also want to suggest options like having a fasting or lower calorie day and that allowing for a higher kcal day later.

We see these as supplementary to the nutrition support you already provide so, although we've added a few key pointers to them we're assuming you will provide your clients with the "rules" or advice you would normally give.

You can either use the pdfs as they are or access the Canva Template to brand or amend the files.